How much is it to Reserve a page in the book?
The early bird pricing to reserve a page in the book is $250. Go to www.artofconnectioncalendar.com to see if your day is open.

May I reserve more than one page in the book?
To honor as many entrepreneurs, business owners and influencers, you may (only) reserve up-to 2 pages in the book.

How come the price is so reasonable?
We were offered a great deal by the publisher GMCP Center & Trust, the publishing company on the creation of this book, and the iNETrepreneur Network has chosen to take on the additional associated costs of the book for the Author Contributors.

I have a large community myself, do you have an affiliate  program that I can share with my community? 
Yes, we offer an affiliate program to any contributor who is already a paid contributor. Please contact 
Robert@networktogether.net with any questions.

What formats will the book be distributed in? 
• Downloadable Digital – Amazon is a major search engine and with our proprietary category research, we can get the book placed in many categories. We also can monitor ranking and
sales very easily with Amazon.
• Hardback /Paperbook – Ingram Spark will list the book in the catalogs for book stores and libraries.
• Digital Services – Draft2Digital distributes to a wide variety of places for those who like to read books on their devices.
• Digital Deveices – Kindle and various companies will distribute a digital version
• Email – The iNETrepreneur Network and Partner Networks, will distrbute a digital version to about 250,000.

Will I receive credit as an Author? 
For an author credit, you must submit an original quote, original thought and an original question, to receive your author credit.

Will I receive credit as a Bestselling Author? 
You may state that you are a Collaborative Author in a bestselling book.

Will the book really be in the Library of Congress? 
Yes, we have submitted and have been accepted to be place in the Library of Congress.