Entrepreneur Author Benefits


  • A Place to Inspire People with Your Words
  • A Platform to Launch, or add to Your Credibility
  • Author Entrepreneurs Get to Know, Love, & Trust each other
  • Marketing, Editing, and Publishing is Done For You
  • Low Cost – High Impact way to Gain New Contacts and Exposure
  • Showcase Your Business with the Book Links (Digital) through SEO
  • Be a Part of Like-Minded People
Exclusive to this Book
  • Gain the Title of Author
  • Become a #1 Bestselling Author
  • Be in the Library of Congress
  • Engage with others at the Art of Connection Summit


  • Network & Share Your Business between the authors
  • Community Books are Movement Books
  • Sign-Up Coaching Clients (100K)
  • Get on Podcasts & Share Your Business
  • Requested Sit on Event Panels Showcasing Your Expertise
  • Get Testimonials from Happy Clients
  • Build More Cliental from Referrals
  • Create Joint Venture Partnerships