ABOUT the art of connection

The Art of Connection Global 365

The Art of Connection 365 is the parent brand of the Art of Connection book series and the premier entrepreneurial event, the Art of Connection Global Summit. the The Summit is part of the community that brings together entrepreneurs, business owners, and influencers from around the world. These world-class professionals will share their experience, thoughts, and wisdom with a business community that has had to improvise, overcome and adapt through some of the most uncertain and challenging times in recent memory. Learn from the experts how to create a movement, write a message that sizzles, command more authority, and attract more clients. Your voice matters! Cultivate the relationships, knowledge, and inspiration that will lead to your lifetime of success.

iNETrepreneur Network 

The iNETrepreneur Network is a global leader, offering entrepreneurs, business owners, and influencers a place to foster collaboration, personal growth, and profit. We are passionate about continually creating an omnichannel eco-system solution for entrepreneurs, business owners, and influencers who look to scale and leverage traditional, personal, and digital marketing through business networking, public speaking, and education. 

With members from over 10 countries and 25 states, the iNETrepreneur Network offers over 1000 opportunities for professionals to network, a world-class magazine, radio show, education academy, and the ultimate event, the Art of Connection Summit. Our members are guaranteed a platform that provides a pathway of credibility, exposure, connections, and fun!

Orly Amor - The Art of Connection Inspirational Co-Author

GMCP Center & Trust 

The Global Mentoring Coaching and Publishing Center & Trust empowers authors to bring their wisdom and stories out to the world.  GMCP Center & Trust understands the importance of book marketing and has guided over 175 plus authors to the achievement of International Bestseller status.  Our mission is to take your brand and message out to the world using a multitude of book marketing strategies with guaranteed results every month.

We are passionate about bringing many authors together to create beautiful anthology books that share many voices under one topic.  Anthology books give the reader a sampling of many different voices in one book.  The benefits of being a part of an anthology book for an author is that they have guidance and a roadmap to follow without having to write the complete book on their own. Our authors are guaranteed to gain the title of International Bestseller and a professionally published book that they can be proud of.